• Frequently Asked Questions About Micro Mini Pigs

    Looking into adopting a micro mini pig is very exciting. Yet, at the same time, it can be very overwhelming and confusing with the conflicting information that you may come across on the internet. The term “Mini Pigs” is a broad description that covers many different sizes of pet pigs. So let’s start off by naming and distinguishing the different variations in mini pig sizing:

    Potbelly Pig: 16” – 26” tall and could weigh up to 200 lbs
    Mini Potbelly: 15” – 16” tall and could weigh up to 100 lbs
    Teacup Pigs: 14.5” tall. This size is just another name for a smaller potbelly pig.
    Micro Potbelly: 14” tall and under. The smallest of the potbelly pigs. Most potbellies are black, black and white and a few are pink with a gray butt.
    Toy: 14” tall. This mini pig can be a combination of two breeds. They will be many different colors as well, including chocolate, spotted, pink and red.
    Juliana: 13″- 15″ tall. This is a breed in itself. Unlike the potbelly, the Juliana is very delicate boned and has a long nose and always has spots. Also know as the painted pig or spotted Juliana.
    Micro mini: 10” – 13” tall. This is the smallest of the crosses, you will notice a different body type then the potbelly and a stubby, squared off nose.

    Now that you have a better understanding of all the different types of “mini pigs” out there, we also want you to realize that piglets don’t stay piglets! Often in the pet mini pig world, people have a misconception that their pet micro mini will remain a piglet size. This is NOT true. Just as a kitten or puppy are smaller at first, they soon grow into adult cats or dogs. The same is true for a pig: piglets always grow into pigs. We want you to love your new pet in ALL his/her stages, not just the super cute piglet stage! Also it is very important to keep up with your piglet’s ivermectin injections. These injections prevent/deal with mites. This is no different then giving dogs or cats flea treatment to prevent/deal with these pesky pests.

    Please, before buying a pet pig, do your homework and make sure this is the right choice for you. They deserve a life full of love, consistency and care throughout their lifespan (approximately 18 years), not just their piglet stage. Owning a pet pig is a very rewarding experience, but as with any animal, they do require a great deal of effort and commitment.

    Do remember that while these animals can definitely be house pets, they are still pigs and need some outside time too. (see PIG CARE section) For the right people, pigs make GREAT pets.