• Welcome to Petite Pet Piggies

    micro mini pigWelcome to Petite Pet Piggies, located in beautiful Chilliwack, British Columbia. We live on acreage with family of nine children and a wide variety of pets that have always been a big part of our lives. Miniature pigs, also known as micro pigs, pocket pigs or tea cup pigs have become very popular over the last several years. With this growing interest in pigs as pets, we were intrigued and have included them in our family farm life. More than simply because they are different from other common pets, our family enjoys our micro minis for a wide variety of reasons.

    We know that it is just not feasible to have a full-sized commercial pig as an indoor pet which is why a cute adorable micro mini pig is the perfect solution for a unique pet. Micro mini pigs are extremely smart, clean and can be litter trained in just a few days. Generally speaking the upkeep of a micro mini pig is very minimal but they do need love and attention, just like any other pet.

    We are proud to be carefully breeding piglets from one of the largest female breeding stocks of micro mini pigs in Canada, which allows us to offer those looking to adopt a truly adorable pet, both male and female piglets in many varieties of colors including black, pink, red, tuxedo and spotted . All of our pigs are vet checked and immunized before they are adopted to their new homes. We have all of the parents on site for you to view and we work closely with other breeders in Canada and the US. As reputable breeders we choose to share our experiences with each other ensuring quality, breed integrity and honesty, as this relatively new breed expands.

    Micro minis are a new and unique breed of house pet. No doubt you will probably have many questions about how owning a micro mini pig will fit into your home and lifestyle. We believe it is very important for you to be fully informed and feel truly excited and comfortable with your choice to include a micro mini as a household pet. Please feel free to email us with your questions or contact us directly at 604-819-9840 or 604-997-5513 and we will be glad to speak with you about our petite pet pigs and answer any questions that you have.